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COA catalyzes national action on climate change

COA catalyzes national action on climate change

America’s greenest college is celebrating its 50th year of educating students about the human impact on the planet, and fittingly, College of the Atlantic is officially opening one of the greenest and most efficient commercial buildings in the country.

COA’s new Davis Center for Human Ecology is an architecturally designed, oceanfront hub for interdisciplinary studies, with state-of-the-art science labs, art studios, offices, study spaces, and classrooms. The facility is a case study of sustainable construction in a far-northern climate.

The center is designed to meet passive-house standards and is the nation’s largest building insulated by wood fiber, a natural, renewable alternative to The COA Davis Center for Human Ecology is the newest addition to the College of the Atlantic camp...

Photographysynthetic insulation. The building uses 350+ solar panels, triple-insulated, bird-safe windows, and mass timber construction—all locally sourced, non-toxic, renewable materials. The building is 29,000 SF but will use less energy than three 2,000 SF homes and sequester more than 5.1M pounds of carbon.

“The Davis Center for Human Ecology embodies the principles that have guided us as an institution for 50 years and we are very proud,” says Darron Collins, president of COA. “Since 1969, we’ve been educating our students on how small actions and behaviors can catalyze a global impact—together we can make a difference on climate change,” Collins adds.

The Earth’s overall temperature is up two degrees; sea level is up eight inches; glacial countries and continents have lost billions of tons of ice; and the Gulf of Maine is warming 99% faster than all other bodies of water according to NASA’s Global Climate Change Initiative. The commercial and residential construction industries make up 39-percent of all carbon (CO2) emissions every year.